PowerShell is now OpenSource?

28 July 2016 on PowerShell, OpenSource, Rumor, News

Is PowerShell the next Microsoft product to adopt the Open Source life?

Laverna: Keeping track of your notes in the cloud

25 August 2015 on OpenSource, Cloud, Self-Hosted, Notes, Linux

Keeping with the theme of *build your own cloud* today we're gonna take a look at Laverna. A node.js alternative to OneNote, EverNote, and EtherPad.

Mail In a Box: Keeping the NSA out of your base since 2013

24 August 2015 on OpenSource, Cloud, Self-Hosted, Email, Linux

Since before it was widely known that the internet wasn't as secure as we hoped, I've been one to run applications in my own environment instead of taking advantage of the commercialized products easily available. Sometimes it's simply for the sheer amount of control, and others it's because I don't want my Drunk Spending on Amazon to be tied to my email accounts. It's not always the best thing that Google and Amazon can now predict the exact days and times I'll be most inebriated and offer me 'Great deals'

Gogs: A self hosted GitHub alternative on a diet

21 August 2015 on OpenSource, Linux, Cloud, Self-Hosted

What's better than hosting your own private GUI for Git so we can keep all of our potentially world ending code from the NSA? Alright, I'll move the tin foil hat to the side for another day. However, when that front end is only consuming 88mb of RAM and the closest competition (cough, cough, GitLab) eats an entire gigabyte before it even finishes starting you know we may have a winner.

Automated Amazon EBS Snapshots - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

20 August 2015 on AWS, EBS, Ubuntu, Cloud, Linux, Python

Wouldn't it be cool if we could schedule EBS Snapshots with features like backup purging based on how old they are, or possibly target specific instances that are tagged