PowerShell is now OpenSource?

28 July 2016 on PowerShell, OpenSource, Rumor, and News. 5 minutes Beginner

Is Microsoft about to open source PowerShell?

Tom Hounsell @tomhounsell posted a rather interesting tweet yesterday

That tweet comes on the heels of another user (@h0x0d) hinting that PowerShell could be released on to the public much like Microsoft did with .NET

The package information (metadata) clearly shows that one of two things are possible

  1. There’s a really good troll out there trying to get easy clicks

  2. Something awesome is about to happen

Tom Hounsell @tomhounsell also posted two images showing PSCore built on both Linux and OSX

So far this has not got a lot of media attention, and we’re only seeing tweets from two rather small Twitter users. However, with Windows adopting Bash. Then not to mention .NET being open source who knows what they have up their sleeves.

Nothing official from the Redmond Campus has been released as of today July 28th, 2016.

With Black Hat starting in two days, and DefCon starting in a week who knows what we may see out of Redmond, WA.

I can say this much, Satya Nadella has put an interesting spin on what I figured was a dying platform. He’s turned Microsoft into a major contender in the Cloud market, and it’s clear he has one thing on his mind….Profits.

We’ll have to see what pans out from these rumors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they ring true sooner rather than later.